Sen Reid Wants Obama to ‘Go Big’ on Executive Amnesty

Dingy Reid wants the Senates Gang of 8 amnesty bill rammed through the House. If not he like all progressives are not only encouraging but touting Darth Hussein to go big on executive amnesty, which is a slap in the face to the American people. These SOB’s cannot get the message that the American people are tired of the games and power grabs thus the woodshed moment Nov 4th! No one wants immigration reform but the DC. The people want the border locked down, those here on visas reined in, and the laws on the books enforced. If they would do these things the system wouldn’t be deemed “broken”.

The govt shutdown is a tool for Congress to use to stop emperor obama. It’s not the end of the world when they have taken place either! We’re all still here after the 2013 shutdown to stop obamacare. Mark Levin broke it down last year and again this past week! This is nothing but fear mongering from the left and the boyking. The only problem with a govt shutdown right now is that McConnell is not going to invoke it next year to counter obama’s power grabs. 

Congress can fund all of govt this time around like last year. For the record it was Reid and obama who caused last years shutdown. The republicans voted 11 times to keep the govt open but Reid and obama torpedoed every effort for political gain. Sen Cruz and the other rebels couldn’t get any support to stop the obaminable law no thanks to RINO/prog repubs like McConnell, McCain, Graham etc and then what happened? Obamacare was rolled out proving to be the disaster we all knew it to be! Oh and FYI the govt shuts down every friday and reopens monday, shuts down for weeks during the summer break and holidays recesses.

DO NOT fall for the lies from those against a shutdown to stop executive amnesty.