Sheriffs Head to Washington Warn Obama’s Illegal Amnesty Will Devastate US Communities

These sheriffs better be careful speaking out against the imperial emperors illegal executive amnesty. Some might lose funding or be charged with a hate crime! It wouldn’t be a surprise if some of them come under federal investigation by the DOJ for invoking their First Amendment rights. We can applaud them for standing up for the people because obamnesty will not only hurt us economically and socially but the influx of illegals will put a strain on police & sheriffs already overworked.

The sheriffs appeal to Congress to act against emperor obama is commendable but the majority in Congress want amnesty. Nov 2014 set precedent just as previous elections with swings in power that the people are onto this govt and will throw out whomever is in power when they act against us. Congress knows this and it is why they want illegals here, they want these new uninformed, uneducated, unengaged future voters who will be loyal to those who give them all their free stuff! Congress has already proven this to be true with the trillion-dollar CRomnibus bill that was passed which not only funds obamacare but amnesty too! Now does this make any sense for those who called out the emperors illegal action to have just funded it??

What these sheriffs need to be doing is look into any and all legal power they have to start arresting the power elite who violate the law and the Constitution. The military has been neutered by this regime so now the burden for someone somewhere to uphold their oath to do something is falling on law enforcements shoulders… but I’m not holding my breath.