Dem Rep Van Hollen: We’re Going to Use Tax Code to Force Companies to Pay Employees More

You can always tell who in Congress had a real job or ran a business vs those who didn’t! Does the phrase “skill set” mean anything to all of you dopes demanding fair/ higher wages?! Low level employees do not deserve the same pay. Let me say it again, people who work in low-level positions in various industries are not equal thus their pay should not be equal. What am I saying here? A burger flipper should not be getting the same amount of pay as a paralegal; both are low-level employees BUT one has a much higher skill set! This goes from burger flippers all the way up to CEO’s who are the target of Van Hollen. There is no income equality or economic justice in the working world as there shouldn’t be, get over it!

Ones skill set determines their pay not what they or how people think and feel how much they should be paid. Part-time work, low-level jobs are not meant.. correction has never been meant to provide a living wage let alone raise a family on! These jobs are created for young people to earn spending money, gain experience while in school for the most part OR provide supplemental income for a household with at least one household provider working full-time. If you have minimal education, married or not, have kids and are working at McDonald’s earning $8.50 an hour that is what you are worth! That job was never meant for you to make into a career at 20-30+ hours a week to raise a family of four off of! You do not deserve to earn more than people who earned a 2 or 4 year degree and possess more skills! If a CEO is getting an increase in pay there is probably a reason for it, a reason a burger flipper or stock worker really didn’t have much to do with! None of this logic will stop progressives like Dem Rep Van Hollen from looking to abuse the tax code to force companies to pay higher wages though.

No, no if they cannot encourage companies to pay more they’ll just pass laws and use the now weaponized IRS to get the obama agenda for economic justice through.. “encouraging” companies through regulation to pay more! Pretty ballsy for a party now in the minority but still in power because obama has his magic veto pen.

Oh before anyone thinks of taking shots me for being critical of “fair wages” understand I am long-term unemployed… so think before you make a fool of yourself.