Rep Gowdy Destroys Obama Over Executive Power Grab: ‘About Damn Time We Used’ the Power of the Purse

What is important to take away from this speech is Gowdy’s appeal to the entire House body to maintain powers vested to them by the Constitution. Dems want to interrupt him and what have you but they need to understand what obama does now and is permitted to get away with opens the door for LARGER power grabs by future presidents. Like he says this isn’t a republican vs democrat issue it is about maintaining the balance of power.

Following Gowdy destroying obama on his abuse of powers the House ended up voting 237-190 to FUND DHS but defund obamas amnesty (invoking their power of the purse). You should know his message did not hit completely home for republicans as there were 26 republicans who defected voting with the dems.

While we wait for the 26 to be ID’d it’s safe to assume they have violated promises to their constituents that they would stop obama’s lawless actions. This is one of many reasons Americans are done with the GOP. Even though they follow through on a vote like this, there are hints many will act in complete contradiction from what they claim to be. This party done, it is The Whig Party. It’s time for conservatives like Gowdy to leave, creating a new Conservative third party.