Gun Dealers Being Pinched By DOJ Bank Regulations and Payment Processors

Banks under the DOJ’s thumb and payment processors are prohibiting commerce (Operation Choke Point) with gun dealers. As if the gun industry doesn’t have enough to worry about with having the finger of blame pointed at it every single time some lunatic goes on a rampage. Leave it to the Holder/ obama DOJ to put the firearms industry under the same high risk classification as child porn sites allowing banks to restrict access to funds and financing.

Any conservative billionaires out there that are a lender, own a bank or sit on the board of one where are you? Look at the billions you are missing out on in commerce since the big banks are having the squeeze put on them by the DOJ. Surely there is someone or an entity out there with the money and means to get around the DOJ and be the premier lender/ banker for the gun industry? It’s not enough for some of you to be on the sideline, sitting on your pile of money sending out well wishes. You need to get involved and help combat the this indirect attack on our Second Amendment rights.

I said it years ago I will say it again: obama said he would never directly go after the Second Amendment but he never said he wouldn’t tax or regulate the industry and guns out of Americans hands. That is what is happening here and in many states, gun businesses and owners are getting hit by the unelected regulators while elected leaders sit back playing stupid.