Pres Carter: Jews ‘Safer’ in France Than Israel

If one was to suggest Pres Carter’s opinion to be advice do the complete opposite and RUN to Israel! If it is so safe why are Jews leaving France and carefully voicing out they are scared to be out alone in other European cities/countries like London!? Anti-Semitism is rising at an alarming rate and many fear we will see a repeat of the 1930’s to some degree if not quite similar. America should be the other safe place for Jews to feel comfortable coming to but anti-Semitism is quietly rising here no thanks to the progressive movement which also targets Christians, but Jews more so.

The treatment of Jews is the canary in the coalmine for where the world is headed. We already see hints of “blame the Jew” for many of the problems going on in the world by finger pointers. The more we hear and see anti-Semitism the closer we will get to chaos. One thing is for sure, Carter is the last person anyone should be taking advice from, after all before obama came along Carter held the title for worst US President in US history!