History is Repeating Itself Again

We’re living in the 1930’s, history is repeating itself and the world once again is asleep or living in complete denial. That won’t change the fact that monsters live upon us who are hell-bent on world domination that do not care how many die in the process of achieving their goal. The one difference between the 1930’s and today is we had individuals ready to step up to the plate, tell the truth no matter how difficult it was to hear and take the lead. Today we have no one to stand up to these monsters, the US and other govt’s have become re-active instead of pro-active. It should also be pointed it this is after everyone said “never again” (following WW II). Well it is happening again Christian’s are being wiped out in the middle east while Jews are being targeted for terror attacks, assault and acts of anti-Semitism in Europe and in the US.

christians executed antisemitism ISIS



The longer the threat of ISIS (modern-day Nazis) and radical islam is ignored and not addressed the worse things will become.

Day of reckoning is coming…