Allen West: ISIS Rising is “Clear and Present Danger”

CIA Dir Brennan saying the ISIS threat is worrisome is dismissive and dangerous. His attitude among many within the obama regime on the surface do not take ISIS seriously. They won’t call them islamic extremists, want to treat acts terrorism as typical criminal acts to be handled in the criminal justice system only empowers these radicals. ISIS and all the other jihadists are not stupid, you should watch the videos the put out they are clear what and why they are doing what they are doing while US leaders want to play word games.

The reason no one in this govt is takes the threat ISIS poses serious is because there are too many islamic sympathizers who have infiltrated every level of our govt. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood have the white houses ear which is influencing domestic and foreign policy. It is pure insanity to be working with even treating the people who want to destroy as friends!