Judge Pirro: Clinton is Evasive, Cares Only About Herself With No Integrity to Be President

Well Judge Pirro hit the nail on the head as usual. Hillary Clinton is a self-absorbed, arrogant, spiteful woman who thinks being the first female president is her birth right. She thinks she is so high and mighty she can make the rules as she goes along and the American people will just accept it.

After the last decade can anyone honestly say they are prepared to have someone be president who is so defiant, dishonest with no transparency thinking they are above the law? It is absolutely insane to be going into an election with an individual we know lies, has had her share of scandals whose sole instinct is to protect herself over the country. Really democrats is she the best you can come up with? Are you so brainwashed to do what party heads want even if it goes against your morals and ethics?

The fact so many dems will stand by Clinton knowing she is a lousy excuse of a human being because that’s what the party wants is insane. Yes the republicans are just as bad pushing Jeb Bush and few others that need to go, but you dems are so whipped you’re afraid to even challenge her!

What has this woman accomplished other than destroying foreign relations, getting 4 men killed in Benghazi, making side deals with foreign govts for her personal gain on our dime!

America if you agree with Pirro that we need a woman president by all means elect one. But be smart about it and elect someone who is qualified, as strong as Margaret Thatcher vs a woman who believes it’s her turn. By the way what is with this whole “it’s her turn” talk? Her turn?! The US is not a monarchy ruled by two families, it should be anyones turn to be POTUS. Being elected shouldn’t be treated like a high school popularity contest where the kid with the most money wins. You want to elect the first woman president by all means do it, but elect someone who actually earns those votes not one who feels entitled and buys it!