Dem Congressman Releases Immigrant Defense Toolkit to Avoid Deportation

I’m sorry but is this certified socialist now handing out materials on how to subvert US law aiding and abetting illegal aliens?! Please legal eagles look into US Code 8 Chp 12 and take action against this SOB and the obama regime.

Let me be clear I am NOT an attorney but under Section 8 USC 1324 it states any US citizen that willfully and knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water, shelter etc has committed a felony. This applies to city, county, state and federal officials like certain Congressmen offering “toolkits” to avoid deportation! Go read the code there is nothing in it exempting Congress or federal agencies, it reads “Any person who…”. If I am wrong feel free to post the link stating federal officials members of Congress etc are exempt in the comments section below and I will make the correction!

That said why won’t anyone file charges or arrest those like Luis Gutierrez for blatantly encouraging (aka aiding and abetting) illegal aliens break the law? Who will verify the authenticity of the documents this SOB is telling illegals to gather? Are we to just take their word the birth certificate, pay stubs etc etc are all legit because illegals don’t acquire fake Social Security cards, drivers licenses or other documents they might need to be here! Riiggghhttt hehehehe!? [Thats sarcasm for those who didn’t get it] 

Executive amnesty is illegal, obama does not have the power to make laws. Executive orders which violate the law or undermine Congress should all be deemed illegal and no I don’t care who started it or how long it has been going on. Executive orders were never meant to be used in the manner they are being used today which is outright abusive. They meant to be used to change policy within the Executive Branch not apply to the nation and bypass the Legislative Branch. Obama is abusing this power because DHS is under the executive branch. Is it clear now why this man was a “Constitutional lawyer”? You can’t destroy something unless you know everything about it! That is what obama is doing and his little goon continue their push to make illegals first class citizens.

Wake up America this abuse of the law and blatant spitting in the face of the American people has got to be stopped. Luis Gutierrez is a danger and threat to the American people, our economy, social entitlement system (for those who paid into it) and national security.

For more on violations being committed against us go to General Penalty Provisions