Harry Reid’s Retirement Announcement is Nothing to Celebrate

I don’t know what people are cheering about with Dingy Reid announcing his retirement. This monster is still in play for another “22 months”! The MASSIVE amount of damage this bastard has done to this country is in stone. Obamacare isn’t going away, neither are any of the other legislative atrocities committed against the American people and the do nothing precedent he helped est against a rogue president will remain. What are you cheering about? Reid’s legacy of divisiveness will live on in his named successor Chuck Schumer who is as much a bastard as Harry is!

The division among the people and the distrust we have for government Reid played a direct role in will live on after that miserable POS is long gone. His job is done he and all the progressives got obama in power, enabled his radical destructive policies and now its time for them to leave office since their job is done. There’s no victory he won. You couldn’t muster the will to throw him out of office when it mattered, so don’t go celebrating singing “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”!

Now phase 2 of fundamental transformation is in gear as obama stacked the courts with radical judges he appointed. The same radical judges Reid ensured were confirmed in the imperial Senate to continue on the destruction of America. Reid’s announcement of retirement is not a win people! He is still here for another 2 years.

“But we got the Senate”.

Who is “we”? Republicans aka GOP aka Establishment GOP aka Progressives “have” the Senate but if you haven’t noticed the Senate is the same old Senate with a different face doing next to nothing for the people as Harry did! Now he claims he cares more for country and the people than the suggestion of party and DC. Uh huh I guarantee you the next 22 months will be more of the same from him because he said so directly to McConnell!

Reid and obama won, we lost.