Obama: Punishing the Wealthy is ‘Not About Ideology’

Punishing the wealthy is ‘not about ideology’ because you know it works?! Says who Barry? Folks do you see all the clapping seals in total agreement with his royal majesty while he makes this unproven statement? When in history has punishing the wealthy worked?

Let me explain something to you all, if I was wealthy running a business with X number of employees right now under this SOB I’d probably reduce it to a skeleton crew if not close up shop. I’d take my money and enjoy life vs being under constant attack by this guy and all his high taxes, healthcare costs and regulations designed to do nothing but redistribute wealth. Leave it to a deranged individual who has gotten rich off of capitalism to now condemn it. But that is what progressives do, once they get the money and the power they want to take the opportunity away from anyone else.

This man hates capitalism and is determined to destroy it and this nation at whatever cost. I’ll go out on a stretch and say his calls for higher wages are a form of tax or punishment on the wealthy. Seattle is already giving us a front row seat as to what happens when the rich are punished. Here me now believe me later this unrelenting attack on the wealthy is going to backfire on those calling for it. All you unskilled undeserving workers demand high wages aren’t going to have to worry about equal pay, you’re going to have to worry about where you’re going to be able to get a job!

Obama by the way is wealthy, he is a 1%’r… how much extra in taxes has he paid? Have you noticed all the elites calling for higher taxes against the rich never include themselves? Thats the radical left for you, do as I say not as I do!

(Oh btw for those who thinking about attacking me for taking shots at unskilled workers wanting higher pay keep in mind I’m an extreme example of long term unemployed! Try having a lending background on your resume as SHTF few yrs back and see what that does for your career!)