Seattle City Council Member Who Pushed For Higher Min Wage Hike Blames Capitalism For Job Losses

This progressive aka communist and radicals like her got what they wanted pushing min wage to $15/hr that forced countless owners out of business. On paper the higher wage sounds great but not when it increases your costs so high you cannot afford to keep the doors open. You see that’s the problem with our progressive overseers they have no real-world experience. They are all a bunch of elitist academics who think their ideas are what is best. They cannot even comprehend that business owners have only a few options as a result of socialist/ communist policies forced on them. The first option is to cut expenses/ lower overhead. This tends to be a temporary fix in many cases as it will have a negative affect on production or quality of product or service.

When cutting expenses fails businesses have to increase prices, but then with every action there is a reaction. When businesses raise prices they become less competitive and lose customers. Okay then the business has to compensate for the drop in income/revenue. Since they cut overhead, raised prices but are in the red they have to cut employees. First they will reduce hours then they have to reduce labor force. If that doesn’t work then you close shop!

Capitalism is not putting businesses out of business in Seattle, communist policies did! High taxes, high healthcare costs, regs and fees out the wazoo and high wages for low skilled jobs makes it impossible for people to open let alone keep a business running. Fact is SOCIALISM/ COMMUNISM is what shut these businesses down. Kshama Sawant is just covering like a typical progressive commie. History has proven these policies do not work and I hope more cities and states adopt them! Yes I just said that. I want to see more states make this move to pay high wages for low-skilled jobs so people can see what happens in Seattle isn’t isolated to one city. Let a couple million people feel the pain of the policies and agenda of those they insist on putting in office.

Sorry America but we are going to have to go through the dark tunnel to come out to light on the other end. It will be painful but a lesson this country needs and hopefully after we go through it those who caused will go extinct!