Krauthammer Rips Harry Reid: He is a ‘Disgrace’ and ‘Emasculated’ the Senate

Dr Krauthammer calling Dingy Reid a disgrace to the Senate was being kind. Saying he emasculated it doesn’t even begin to describe the damage and destruction obama’s political bodyguard (as Krauthammer points out) accomplished over the years. Harry Reid is by far one of the worst politicians in US history. He bashed Americans and trashed this country for the progressive agenda. Frankly IMO Reid has fundamentally transformed the Senate into a do nothing body which under Mitch McConnell has more or less picked up where Dingy left off. They’re passing bills all right, passing bills we wouldn’t careless about while ceding power to the imperial emperor.

Where is the obamacare repeal? Where are the bills to stop executive amnesty? Where are the measures to reign obama’s abuse of power? How is it going sitting on the sidelines as obama once again goes around you all making deals with Iran? I know, I know republicants you need more time than the 12 weeks you clowns in the Whig Party I mean GOP said you needed right? Or is the excuse now “we need the White House” after preaching “give us the Senate and the House and we’ll stop obama”!?

Reid might be on his way out but that isn’t for another 22 months. He made it clear today he is going to continue doing what he has always been doing to divide and halt business in the Senate. Think I’m wrong? Look at how many ties the republicants caved to the dems under Reid and other dem leadership which I might add is the minority! Like I said earlier there is nothing to celebrate.