NRA Execs: Obama ‘Acting Like A Dictator’ With Executive Ammo Ban

America if you do not push back hard on this power grab IT WILL OPEN THE DOOR TO FUTURE AMMO BANS, make no mistake about it! It will happen there is no doubt whatsoever once you give in more will be taken. You can have all the guns you want but obama through taxes, regs and executive orders will bypass Congress and eventually disarm Americans by making it impossible to use those now expensive paperweights!

Those of you out there that do not understand what the big deal is because “it’s just one type of ammo” pay attention to Wayne LaPierre’s explanation. He clearly lays out how this executive action is the foot in the door to ban other types of ammunition.

NRA Exec Dir Chris Cox is dead on too that this is a power grab that all Americans should be concerned about left or right. It shows the willful lawlessness of this self-appointed dictator who is setting precedent for future presidents. Anti-gun crowd you may be cheering right now but understand this, one day there will be a president you vehemently disagree (some people by your words today you absolutely HATE) who will be as lawless as obama. They will probably going a step further, as all president do with power grabs, outlawing or approving something you are against. The pendulum swings both ways so think twice before you run out to the media or rant in an article how wonderful this coming executive order is.

Police have been clear they haves no issue with this ammo and there are no studies or reports stating this ammo is of any greater threat than others. This is a pure power grab by this unleashed president who has nothing to lose for the next two years.

We are allowing entirely too many rights, privileges etc to be infringed in the name of political correctness or in this case “for our safety”. The day is going to come when you leftists, who remain silent about these massive power grabs, will rue the day you supported obama. Heck maybe that day will be when Pres Ted Cruz, who you despise, will use his pen and phone… or how about Pres Jeb Bush! Yea think about it when you cheer gleefully.

To those who support 2A you better get off your asses! This threat by dictator obama is as bad if not worse than the other attacks he has launched against the Second Amendment.☠✝
US military how long will you stand on sidelines while your Country and Constitution you SWORE AN OATH TO PROTECT is violated by this out of control president & Congress?Take DC under legal Constitutional coup, bring order to chaos and hold emergency elections for new leadership. This is even sanctioned in the Declaration of Independence.