Judge Napolitano: Obama “Lone Wolf” With No Regard For Separation of Powers to Use Executive Orders to Raise Taxes

STR warned after the 2014 midterm elections obama would become unleashed in his lawlessness and abuse of power. Here we have another example of that prediction coming true where his majesty will use what do you know executive orders (EO) to tweak IRS regulations to punish corporate America in order to raise taxes.

Only Congress has the power to legislate but that will not stop the imperial emperor from violating the Separation of Powers end running that body of useless crooks, thieves and liars. Yes libs obama hasn’t issued as many EO’s as other presidents but it’s not about quantity. Obama’s EO’s have had drastic long-term destructive effects on the nation from changing obamacare, issuing amnesty, new threat to AR-15 ammunition and now the communist in chief wants to stick it to the capitalists by raising taxes.

Judge Napolitano will probably be attacked for calling the emperor a “lone wolf” since this has been a term used as of late to identify terror attacks carried out by individuals. Napolitano is correct though calling him that because what obama is doing is in fact terrorism! His constant attacks on the Constitution, our way of life, infringing on our rights, making very bad moves on the economy, bringing the debt to over $18 TRILLION, viciously going after his opposition in speeches or using one of the many govt agencies he weaponized against the American people can only be described as terrorism. If you know another word to define his actions against the US say it, but it is not out of love and he couldn’t careless about half the nation that didn’t vote for him!

The man is clearly a menace bringing this nation to the brink. Judge Napolitano predicts he will raise taxes via regs and the sad thing is no one will stand up to him. The US at this point is no longer a Republic, but some twisted democratic dictatorship. Those charged with protecting this country shame on each and every one of you for allowing it to get this far. ☠✝ US military its way passed the hour to take control of this country. The people have no faith in Congress as they all lie what are you waiting for? Initiate a Constitutional military coup, restore the Republic or are you more concerned about your job, govt benefits and pension?You swore an oath to the Constitution, God & Country not man & govt!