Here Are the 56 Democrats Who Boycotted Israeli Prime Ministers Speech to Congress

Here are the 56 democrats..anti-Semites (IMO, don’t care who amongst them are Jewish) who did not attend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress on the threat of a nuclear Iran. These people and the entire obama admin, who was absent as well, have sent a clear message to Americans but also the world:

They DO NOT Stand With Israel but stand with a nuclear Iran!

56 Dems Boycott Netanyahu Speech

There is no logical reason for any of these people to hold public office. They trivialize national security and believe negotiations with a rogue nation by giving in to its demands (who will not honor any agreement) is the best solution. Is war being suggested here as the only solution? NO. How about putting real sanctions on Iran that is enforced versus being ignored by many nations? If you cut them off and starve them out the Iranian people will deal with the radicals in their govt. Next option is ongoing surgical strikes against nuclear sites taking away their ability to enrich uranium and build weapons. Strong sanctions and airstrikes is the only option. “Well that’s going to war”… for the record we’ve been at war with Iran since the 1970’s if not longer when you tie the regime to radical islam. Countless terror groups the US and our allies have been fighting a proxy war for decades are funded by the Iranians.

Ask yourself this question: Why does a nation RICH in oil and other natural resources need nuclear energy? They don’t, they want weapons to terrorize the world. A nuclear Iran will cause a new arms race in the middle east with countries no one can honestly say they trust.

Iran cannot be permitted in getting a bomb. Let’s get something clear that has been pointed out on STR many times. When Iran gets enough nuclear material to build a bomb (or bombs) they will not waste said material. Iran is not going to “waste” all this time, money and effort to produce enough uranium for a nuke and waste it by doing a demonstration test firing it in the middle of the desert. They are going to make a bomb, load it in the back of a truck or van and set it off in a live fire demonstration at a major city like Jerusalem, Paris, London, maybe New York City or DC!

“They can’t get a nuke into the US.” Are you sure about that? Maybe you need to be reminded of their friends that will gladly help transport a weapon and personnel to Venezuela and then from there its a simple trip up through Central America and Mexico with the help of the cartels who have the networks set up for transpo! Since obama has rung the amnesty bell and neutered the Border Patrol you could park an aircraft carrier on the border right now. The Mexican cartels are getting everything from humans, guns and drugs across the border in trucks, so it would be no trouble to get a bomb across the US-Mex border.

These 56 democrats more or less are in favor of such an insane scenario happening by condemning the speech of a man who cares for his people, country but also citizens of the civilized world.

How dare any of these “people” hold public office and then rant and rave as they did against PM Netanyahu. America take a look in the mirror, ask yourself if they represent your beliefs and values? If they don’t and are your representative or senator then you should do everything possible to make their lives miserable and remove them from office!

ht TheHill