Democratic Senator Pushing College Aid For Some Illegal Immigrants

Dem party doesn’t miss a beat pushing to spend more money the country doesn’t have to pander to illegal aliens. How can illegal aliens go to college if they don’t have any papers? These people are outright criminals who broke our laws to enter the US, they shouldn’t be here and anyone helping/ aiding them is breaking US law! The only thing illegals should get at the expense of the American taxpayers is a cruddy seat on a bus, train or plane back to wherever they came from! As for the DREAMERs who were brought here against their will, they get NOTHING since they have already taken advantage of the system for X years they have been here! And they should not get a break on tuition, thy should have to pay the full cost; the colleges and universities can afford it.

Charles Payne’s family is a perfect example of countless American families frustrated trying to figure out how they’re going to send their kids to college getting screwed by this govt. There is over a trillion in school debt due and DC wants to give money out to illegals!? Are you F-King kidding me!?

Who is this idiot, Sen Mazie Hirono, from Hawaii pushing federal college aid for illegals?! All you democrat voters from HI bitching about your school loans should recall her!