Outrageous! Wisc DA Orchestrated Home Raids Against Conservatives

A DA going after American citizens solely for their political views! This is unbelievable, why are we just learning about it now!? If you ever wanted to see the definition of complete abuse of power by liberals this is it.

If there was ever a case for the DOJ to step in to lock people up this is it. And to the legislature of Wisc, are you people completely insane with this John Doe law that more or less treats innocent people like criminals? All laws are passed with good intentions but do you see how it can be perverted. How is it legal to silence people over their political views and to subject them to this kind of abuse of power? Scott Walker should take immediate action to have this law overturned and Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm removed immediately.

As for the police “following orders”, do any of you have a soul? Yea yea Chisholm got warrants so that makes it okay to target Americans simply for their beliefs and invoking the First Amendment rights? Shame on all of you. The weaponization of the police by the power elite to silence opposition is going to lead to bloodshed.

Everyone should take note of something… Wisc is the birth place of American progressivism. This is a model of what the progressives would love to do to the entire country to silence and target dissidents.

French’s story: Wisconsin’s Shame: I Thought It Was a Home Invasion