Baltimore Police, Protesters Clash Following Death of Man in Police Custody

Here we go again, Ferguson 2.0! Just when you think the circus is over with a high-profile police related death another one comes up. Cops have got to get themselves in check when they confront alleged criminals. Those officers who are highly stressed from the job that let loose on criminals physically need to remove themselves from duty or senior officials need to do it immediately. Officers who know “loose cannons”, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on them and if need be rat them out. Yes yes we know cops don’t rat cops out, well fine then we will continue to have these police related deaths like Freddie Gray and communities turned upside down. Every week a few bad apples are caught on cam shooting or beating someone within an inch of their life. Enough already!

It’s bad enough we have obama and Holder (now on his way out) helping the race hustlers out by stoking the flames of division. The last thing we need right now is cops flying off the handle using excessive force. Cops need to be careful of their actions because cameras are everywhere while Sharpton is just looking for a reason to start a fight somewhere.

The rabble-rousers who amp up protesters don’t care about right or wrong or the truth, they want to create anarchy. So it’s on the police to police themselves revisit policies, procedures and make changes before emperor obama tries some kind of executive order to federalize the lot of you! Sorry police that the weight of this is on your shoulders but you have brought it on yourselves not dealing with the bad apples within your ranks.