State Dept Official Confirms to Sen Sessions Illegals Are Eligible For ALL Welfare Programs

Earlier this month we learned the obama regime was flying in illegals (who are being reclassified as refugees) on our dime. Well to add salt to the obama amnesty wound a State Dept official, Simon Henshaw, confirmed to the Senator Sessions and the Senate Judiciary Committee that all programs (ie food stamps, Medicaid, cash assistance etc) “any other legal resident” is eligible for illegal aliens aka refugees will be eligible for as well. Now Henshaw says these people would have to qualify for these benefits, does anyone really see the admin making it harder to qualify after they ship people into the US?!

Not only will you have to foot the bill for their plane ride here from Central America but it’s now official you will be financing illegals stay in America! While you struggle to make ends meet the obama regime will flood our communities with people who do not deserve to be here. They have NOTHING to contribute to America other than being pawns in a battle for power by the elitist monsters in DC. I said we were second class citizens this should put any doubt on that now doesn’t it?!

Cavuto picks up on this with Jessica Vaughan from the Center for Immigration Studies as to how the regime is redefining who is a refugee etc. Refugees were generally those escaping worn torn areas, seeking political asylum, religious persecution etc but now the regime is doing it for anyone who has more of less had a hard time!