Lt Col Ralph Peters: Obama Admin is ‘Doing Iran’s Bidding’

Obama has proven time and again when his “red lines” are crossed he backs down. So one has to ask why send our ships to Yemen to track the Iranians convoy of ships?! State Dept Spokesidiot Marie Harf says one thing while WH Comm Dir Jen Psaki says another. Regime members have no clue what the true mission of our ships is. Does anyone really believe obama will order the US commander to board Iranian ships to see whether or not they’re delivering arms to the Houthi rebels?

Obama wants a nuclear deal so badly with the Iranians, for his “legacy”, there is no way he will do anything to jeopardize the deal. Lt Col Peters has it right that this administrations threats have been so weak and empty alienating our allies while emboldening Iran. Considering how badly the obama regime has caved to our enemies maybe he sent our ships to give the Iranian convoy security!