Dem Rep Prefers Jeb Bush Over GOP Hopefuls as President Because of “Bush Family” Stance on Immigration

“We would have to stay with the Bush family”

Need another reason NOT to support Jeb Bush running in 2016? If dem Rep Luis Gutierrez’s preference for Bush doesn’t convince people Jeb is not a representation of the conservative movement then what is?

Jeb is running in the wrong party! He should come out of the progressive closet, make it official by challenging Hillary for the DNC nomination! Hardcore certified socialist Luis Gutierrez will back him! Whether it’s Hillary or Jeb progressives win and America loses.

Hey Paul Ryan we haven’t forgotten about you either, you could be Jeb’s running mate! Luis’ praise for what Ryan did for progressives to get a step closer to a new pool of undocumented democrats just goes to show how easily these guys in DC will turn on a dime!