Krauthammer: Obama Admin Deliberately Deceived Americans and Congress

Netanyahu’s warning about Iran getting a bomb were right as Krauthammer points out while calling the regime out for deceiving America!

The amount of lies and deception that come from the obama administration is off the charts. Now while the media and pundits as a whole are expressing their surprise and even anger that the regime knew the Iranians are within a few months of developing a bomb YOU shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve said this a few times and will said it again…

At least 10 years ago when the issue would flare up people (on both sides of the aisle, and globally) were saying “within 5-7 years the Iranians will have a bomb”. Frankly the Iranians are past due on that warning! The world as a whole had more than enough time to stop this rogue nation and did nothing than piss valuable time away.

Now there is to date NO DEAL, just an agreement on framework for a deal to be finalized by June 30th. That said kids this window for Iran to develop a bomb still in play! It would be insanely naive to believe they stopped all nuclear development while they have been in talks with the P5+1. The odds of deal being agreed on is not likely since they are already saying no to everything obama and Kerry claimed and just recently saying no to inspections. Another factor to be considered is Putin threw a wrench in the works selling them missiles. That was done on purpose kids! Why?

Russia’s economy is barely holding on, it is reported they need oil at $140 a barrel to stay a float. Have you seen oil prices as of late? Now couple that with an Iranian deal that allows then to put more oil supplies on the market, you’re talking $15-$20 barrel! So you can see Putin’s motivation to “help” Iran.

We had a chance to stop the mullahs in 2009 but the muslim sympathizer in chief sat back and did nothing just as he is doing today. We are headed into some truly dangerous dark times… expect a nuclear arms race in the middle east IF we’re lucky!