Obama Claims He Yanked the US Economy Out of Worst Recession Since Great Depression

This is just one laughable clip from his majesty’s interview with Chris “Tingles” Matthews talking about Trans-Pacific Partnership. Once again he like many likes to make the comparison of being in the worst recession since the Great Depression yet fact remains the numbers today are worse than they were then.

Did people in the 1930’s have:
– 2 mortgages with payments at or over 50% of their Debt-to-Income ratio?
– have credit card debt or personal debt $10-15,000++?
– 1 or 2 car loans of at least $15-20,000++?
– have more than one source of income per household to just get by?
– be on the hook for the National Debt of $18+ TRILLION with unfunded liabilities at $128 TRILLION?
….this is literally just the tip of the iceberg! Don’t forget over 100 million Americans remain out of work to this day, but he claims everything is sunshine and rainbows!

The US economy is and remains in shambles because of those things obama touts as successes.

The middle class is not getting a fair deal as he suggests. People are making less now than they were years ago and it isn’t corp Americas fault. It’s no secret companies are sitting on the money they’re making and are justified in doing it. Why? All of obama’s policies from obamacare to his weak foreign policy have run companies out of the US or business entirely leaving the majority with their doors open (who do report record profits etc) scared to do any domestic investment for fear of new regs, taxes and healthcare costs.

Folks we’re in the eye of the economic storm obama and his progressive pals have helped to turn into a catastrophic storm. There is no recovery.