Rep Steve King Accuses Obama of ‘Importing Millions of…Undocumented Democrats’

Rep King nails it with obama’s motivation behind opening the flood gates to illegal aliens. Obama wants to stack the voter polls with new democrat voters just as he has done with the courts to carry on his “legacy” (whatever the hell that is aside from the destruction of the US).

Yes, illegals here now and those waiting under obamnesty cannot vote but that’s right now. We have no idea what will happen in a year, 2, 5 etc. If the conditions we are living under today were suggested 5 years ago, people would say that is insane! That said there is no telling what insane political moves are coming in the future to give illegal the right to vote. You can bet it will center around “human rights” with dems making the argument “they’re only half a person/ citizen”. Crazy idea right? Yea so is making a deal with Iran to give them nukes, or all the other policies obama has rammed through unchallenged by our useless Congress.

Obama and the democrat party couldn’t careless about illegals personally, they are pawns to gain power and create one party rule. This is why people have to fight back against this govt with all its power grabs. Just because none of the networks, including center to left leaning Fox, isn’t talking about illegal immigration doesn’t mean the issue has gone away. All it takes in one Court of Appeals judge to get the ball rolling again or obama making up another law from the imperial throne room.