While the Media, Celebs and Elites Partied in DC, Rioters Destroyed Property & Businesses in Baltimore

Baltimore has become Ferguson 2.0 following the death of Freddie Gray who died after injuries sustained while in police custody. The “No Justice No Peace” crowd wasted no time taking to the streets and creating havoc. Racial tension continues to be at dangerous levels in America hitting a new peak in Baltimore, but you wouldn’t know it by the lack of national media coverage. Thanks to YouTube and Twitter we can see what is unfolding because the national media as a whole couldn’t careless. They are more concerned covering Hillary Clinton’s newest scandal or demonizing the next victim of the Gaystapo for not wanting to bake a cake than the violence and social/racial collapse happening in our cities.

So attendees of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner started tweeting out pics and I finally called one reporter, Fox’s James Rosen, out to what is going on in a tweet…

Rosen STR WHCD response

Yes you can have good time but what bothers most people is the elitist attitude and lack of coverage of the riots. Some of the responses following that tweet should have spelled it out to him…

James and those who attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner it matters when not one major network carried coverage of a city being ripped apart. It matters because 36K+ Americans who were also out for a good time like you, watching Baltimore Orioles vs Boston Red Sox, were on lock down at Camden Yards, and told they could not leave stadium.

We know WHCD attendees have smartphones and were well aware of what was going on but Saturday night demonstrated why we the people loathe the majority of them. Granted reporters like Rosen do a good job reporting on stories others have ignored, the issue people have is the absolute lack of concern by any of the networks.

No remote team was sent out to cover the trouble in Baltimore that got worse as night fell. These are the same networks that dispatched multiple teams to Ferguson without hesitation, or sent teams to hot spots around the world but blatantly ignored riots 30 min away!

Yes it’s a local story but so are the countless others the national media has jumped on to be the first to cover for a national audience. That didn’t happen because partying was clearly more important…

We won’t forget and maybe next time when all the elites in media, entertainment and govt are having a good old-time people are going to pay you a visit!

How did that line go in The Dark Knight Rises… “there is a storm coming….”