Judge Pirro Blasts Clinton: Doesn’t Care About You, Busy Peddling Influence on Global Scale to Enrich Herself

Judge said it best about the American voter as she laid the case out against Hillary Clinton. If you can’t see how corrupt Clinton is after this week then you are the ignorant, blind voter dems are hoping will come out in droves to elect Hillary in 2016.

The Clinton’s are the dirtiest most corrupt example of all that is wrong with DC and our political system. They truly believe they are royalty acting in their own interests who couldn’t careless about we the people. Frankly the wheeling and dealing they did for uranium proves how easily this woman and her cheating pervert husband will sell this country out.

We will never know how deep their corruption goes because this above the law family deleted all the evidence directly in the American people’s faces. While we are tired of hearing about this family the American people remaining silent to their corruption is more concerning. The Clinton’s spit in your face America because they know they can. Because they know you will not put pressure on Congress to take action against them they will continue doing what they do best, getting rich, gaining more power, walking back into the Oval Office to screw us again. Look at what they have done since Bill’s term ended, imagine what they will do with that witch in power!