CBO Warns National Debt Threatens to Throw Economy Into ‘Death Spiral’

Correct me if I’m wrong but none of the 100 GOP presidential candidates are talking about what they are going to do about the debt? Plenty of ideas on other issues but really no mention on how this govt is racking up $3.3 billion… THREE POINT THREE BILLION DOLLARS A DAY!

The out of control spending must be stopped but how when you have leaders, republicans and democrats, using the money to pander voters?! The entitlement spending is completely unsustainable we are out of money the nation is broke. Gold… the gold is most likely gone. How do we know this? Germany asked for just 5% of their gold returned where the Federal Reserve said it would take 7 years to perform said transfer! Texas under Gov Perry requested their gold reserves but that story died out quick. So what happened to the gold? There is strong belief that the banks monetized gold the same way they did with mortgages (rehypothecation).

There really is no remedy to cure the trillions of debt DC has put on the backs of ALL Americans. If every single bank account and piggy-bank around the world was raided today there still wouldn’t be enough money to pay off America’s debt let alone the debts of other nations.

America you do know our economy is like a patient in critical condition right? One bad move, the wrong dosage and it will flat-line. The economy has had countless adrenaline injections and shocks this patient is about to die. When that happens taxes and interest rates will take off, the flow of money will be cut off from all the free stuff while prices will skyrocket on whats left on store shelves.

Prepare for all hell to break loose when the entitlement class doesn’t get their welfare checks!