Propaganda Minister: Obama’s Red Line ‘Absolutely Still in Place’

Yea obama’s red line still exists, the imperial regime just moved the line back because his majesty has no intentions of ever enforcing it. Assad will continue to use chemical weapons because they work and he knows no one in the global community is going to do anything to stop him.

Why should anyone on the other side of the world care?

Someday those chemical weapons (chlorine or whatever else he has) are going to end up in the wrong hands and used against Americans and/or our allies. ISIS controls a huge region of Syria and Iraq as they continue to grow the caliphate. Obama has done nothing to slow them down other than a few symbolic airstrikes, which in their total do not even equal to the number of strikes conducted in one day during the Iraq & Afghan wars.

The boyking is on auto-pilot hoping nothing bad happens between now and January 2017. He will continue to run his mouth, make empty threats and empower our enemies setting up whomever the next President will be for a major conflict or terror attack. If the repubs in fact win in 2016 you can be sure this prediction happens and the repubs will be blamed for everything opening the door for dems to sweep the following mid-term and presidential elections leading to one party rule.

The stars are all lining up folks for some major dark times coming.

My question from two years ago still stands, where did Assad get the WMD’s from in the first place? (yes chlorine gas as well as many other types of chemical weapons are WMD’s)

Ans: Iraq pre US invasion! After all look how Saddam made the US look after the fighting settled. He set us up perfectly and it stood for years even after NYT’s admitted they existed!