Pelosi Throws Petraeus Under the Bus on Iraq

With the Iraqi military more or less cutting and running from ISIS Pelosi couldn’t resist blaming Ret Gen Petraeus since “he had trained 175,000 Iraqi troops and personnel…”. This was probably as close as she could get to blaming Bush since Petraeus was put in command of US-Iraqi operations in 2007.

Yea he may have overseen the training of up to 175K Iraqi military but it’s not his fault they don’t have the will to fight. They want to fight but probably when the reality/ thought of being captured and beheaded on camera crossed their minds well they cut and run! Had obama left a residual force in Iraq, said troops would have crushed IS in its early stages.

Thanks to him ISIS is expanding their caliphate creating an entire region which will be a sanctuary for terrorists to train before they hit a city near you!