4 Mil Federal Employees Data is Compromised From Massive Cyberattack

The crap media will report the massive cyberattack was carried out by Chinese hackers but let’s be honest, who in China has the motivation and ability to hack the US govt? Yep the Chinese hackers is more than likely the Chinese govt but you won’t hear that from anyone in DC. The last thing they want to do is PO one of our largest creditors!

Sensitive information may have been stolen including financial data when the breach was detected back in April so why are we hearing about it now? It’s getting really old how things are kept from the American people. This country is under full attack and God help us if our infrastructure is shut down. These “hackers” have proven how weak our govt networks are, if they hit the power grid it’s game over kids.


Chinese hackers breach federal government’s personnel office
By Ellen Nakashima WAPO
Chinese hackers breached the computer system of the Office of Personnel Management in December, officials said Thursday, and the agency will notify some 4 million current and former federal employees that their personal data may have been compromised.

The hack was the second major intrusion of the agency by China in less than a year.

OPM, using new tools, discovered the breach in April, said officials at the agency who declined to comment on who was behind the hack.

Other U.S. officials, who spoke on conditions of anonymity because it is an ongoing investigation, identified the hackers as being from China.

The data potentially exposed included employees’ job assignments, performance ratings and training, the officials said. The breach did not…more