Coulter Calls For 10 Year Immigration Ban

The left has been attacking Coulter over her comments on immigration but like she says none of them have the guts to say it to her face. The reason why is because of the research she has done for her book is solid and indisputable. Progressives need to change the demographics as she explains so they can stay in power indefinitely. Coulter has been warning for some time the end goal for the left of course is one party rule. With the way things are it is clearly coming true. So since the left has no defense against her in typical Alinsky fashion they attack.

Sadly a 10 year immigration ban will never happen in this country because there are far too many special interests who want it. They would rather legal and illegal immigration maintain status quo because these “new Americans” will be voters. Legal and illegal aliens also provide cheap labor to an economy that is contracting with over 100 million Americans are out of work. XYZ company will hire an illegal or legal alien at minimum wage before they consider an American with an education and applicable experience who will expect higher pay. It’s a very nasty loop we are in and cutting off immigration is the smart thing to do but will never happen.

Until we have a body of leaders who will run this country properly and by the Constitution nothing will change where native-born American citizens will become the minority.