Clinton Race Baits on Voter Suppression to Lock Up Minority Voters

Did you have any doubt this corrupt lying deceitful witch wouldn’t join the race hustler club!? The democrat record in general is poor for acting in the best interests of minorities, heck just look at Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Oakland,CA and all the other run down crime infested cities in the US. Each and every city with high crime, poverty, low education rates etc have been under democrat rule. All progressives like Clinton have left is to pull the race card and talk about voter suppression. She didn’t seem to have problem that minorities need ID to:

  • Drive
  • Board an airplane
  • Medical care
  • Buy alcohol
  • Buy tobacco
  • Enter a nightclub
  • Gamble in a casino
  • Apply for a job
  • Get their prescription medication
  • Bank transactions
  • Apply for credit
  • Set-up their utilities (water, gas, telephone…..)
  • Purchase, register, or rent a vehicle
  • Apply and receive Medicare/Medicaid
  • Social Security
  • Buy a gun
  • Apply for a passport
  • Pay by check or credit card
  • Buy insurance
  • Check-in at a hotel
  • Apply for welfare services (food stamps, etc)
  • Purchase or rent a house/apartment

… but when it comes to voting it’s a crime to expect one to have their ID!

Hillary ran on and on about voter suppression attacking GOP candidates but like a good Alinsky student she left out why Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush took action to “suppress voters”. When you dig deep you find what they did was not to stop people from voting but to curb and stop voter fraud! Clinton and the dems don’t want that talked about because they wrote the book on how to work the system since almost every single case of voter fraud is committed for the dem candidate!

No one of course in the media can call her out on this, even if they wanted to, because this witch is not answering questions.