I Tested Progressives Today to Prove Their Hypocrisy

Today I ran a test on Twitter

…towards progressives calling out why so much attention is on Joe Biden’s (worst VP next to Cheney (feel better now progs)) sons (Beau) funeral and they attacked viciously in typical Alinsky fashion. As expected when I cited Biden as worst VP like clockwork progs pulled the Bush card or should I say Cheney card.  Joe Biden hasn’t done anything to make life better in America, if anything he has helped make things worse as his predecessor!  Progressives will never let Bush/ Cheney go and automatically assume anyone who criticizes Biden (and obama for that matter) is a staunch Bush admin supporter.  I have been on record stating many times on Twitter and other social media platforms I am no fan of the Bush admin, but to even say that is dismissed since I’m deemed a RWNJ! I’m guilty by association, you see if you’re a conservative then you are a republican, chickenhawk, warmonger and a Bush/ Cheney supporter because the left says so! All the typical stereotypes, name calling and foul language were used, esp from one particular self avowed atheist & communist. I found it amazing how progressives praised Beau Biden for his service even going as far to call him a hero. Hero for what? (Please if you have verifiable records of Beau Bidens service where he personally took direct action in combat that saved lives send it my way.) How much do you want to bet those who praise Beau knew nothing of him up until a few days ago? But because he is Joe Biden’s son they were all in support and praise. Could you imagine if this were a republican or conservatives son or daughter who had passed being given the same treatment?! The left would be in such an uproar and for me to even suggest this I am deemed a RWNJ, even though they know it’s true. In a nutshell from attacks and language used, progs proved if you’re a democrat, son(or daughter) of democrat (esp politician) and served (military and state govt) you deserve pomp and circumstance…

@jskrepak Because he’s also the son of our Vice President. @BMartin1776 @KagroX @piersmorgan

— MattressGirl Booking (@STCshow) June 6, 2015

The last time I checked the US is not a monarchy but yet today we had a demonstration of that with the heavy network coverage where devout followers were prepared to defend one of the “royals”. I have no doubt these are the same people who condemned hero’s like Chris Kyle, a man who got no respect from the left or any of the networks. Remember when obama made a public speech on Kyle and gave a eulogy at his funeral for his service to the nation?! No? I don’t remember either because it never happened!

In progressives world there is no comparison between Kyle and Biden. Why? Because Beau is the son of the VP, a father, husband, a man who served in the military and was Atty Gen of Del where as Chris KyleChris Kyle was just some hick, cold-blooded killer. The fact that Kyle was a father, husband, son, business owner, retired vet who saved countless lives while he served is irrelevant as progs proved when he was murdered. For me to even suggest the lack of acknowledgment of Kyle’s funeral service was deemed an invalid analogy. Those who attacked me are probably the same people who said unkind words when Chris was murdered and continued when the movie about his life, American Sniper, debuted becoming a box-office success. Where were the cameras during his funeral and services? I don’t seem to remember 3 hour coverage when he was laid to rest by ANY of the networks. (Let’s not forget Chad Littlefield who was murdered too!) Beau Biden isn’t the only man who has served his country and died. Why does he get pomp and circumstance and national coverage? Sorry but it is hypocritical to praise one “hero” and not another. If you want to talk about invalid comparisons there is NO comparison between a man who served as Judge Advocate General in the Signal Brigade for the Del National Guard to a man who was a Navy SEAL sniper serving in direct combat or any soldier for that matter who was in actual combat. That said apparently people forget the significance of todays date and cause for some of my agitation…

June 6th 1944 THOUSANDS of sons died on this day so we could live in this world free from tyranny.. free to run our mouths as many did on Twitter today. These YOUNG men, many in their teens, didn’t receive pomp and circumstance, a State level funeral when they gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy and the weeks, months, years that followed as they liberated Europe and the World. Are we to believe if they were sons of a VP/ politician (good or bad) they would get such treatment? Do they not deserve the same treatment as Joe Biden’s son even if they are just simply the son(s) of a blue-collar worker?

It wouldn’t be so bad if progressives showed the same respect when our troops have fallen in and off the battlefield; and it shouldn’t matter when either. Instead the extreme left is always waiting to celebrate the deaths of our warriors while the “moderates” can’t wait to criticize and critique.  How can you give devoted support for one soldier but not another? Why does ones political affiliation  have to matter on they type of services (pomp and circumstance, national press etc) they receive when they pass? Progressives once again proved today there is no bounds to how far they will take their hypocrisy.

Yes, I criticized the VP’s sons funeral coverage because it is something the left would do in a heartbeat if it were someone on the right. Take note boys and girls they don’t like it when their tactics are being used against them!  What this quick test of mine also proved is that this country is, and the world for that matter, in a lot of trouble. Progressivism has spread like an incurable disease where people are so bent on defending “their side”  they will do everything possible to attack and destroy another person for expressing a view.  We are a completely divided people now, debate is no longer an option, where it has come to “accept my way, the discussions are over, cross us/me and we/ I’ll destroy you”. Progressives want this divide, they need it to destroy their opposition and win over the uninformed all for what I have been saying here for a long time:
money, power and control.

A reset is coming, there are no exits left on this insane course we’re on and we’re going full force through that dark tunnel…. just pray we have the right people in place to lead when that happens.

To VP Biden and your family I am sorry for the loss of your son, again as I stated in my tweet it IT IS SAD image to see.

biden funeral

To those of you who attacked me, the rest of that tweet was in fact a test where many of you proved your hypocrisy and sadly demonstrated you would prefer tyranny. For the few of you who welcome that why are you in the US? You do know your dream of a socialist/communist/progressive utopia will never come to be!?