Obama: ‘I’m Going to Keep Doing Everything I Can’ For Illegal Aliens

As I have noted in the past I used to be in B2B sales so I speak bullsh*t fluently. What his royal majesty is saying is he doesn’t care what the courts rule or what anyone in opposition says or does. He claims he is acting within the law but the executive branch does not have the power to legislate and executive orders only apply to policy within the executive branch. This is why he gave more powers to DHS to more or less to a blind eye to illegals crossing the border. This man couldn’t careless about illegal aliens entering the US. To him all they only serve as political pawns to run this country into the ground red-lining our economy and social entitlement system.

Obama and the pro-illegal alien crowd want people to believe legalizing will strengthen the US economy and make the nation safer. to this day none of these people have been called out to explain this claim. Meanwhile it was just reported that 25,098,000 foreign-born workers are employed in the US. This number should infuriate Americans since there are 26 million Americans unemployed who are “on the books”. In total there are over 100 million Americans out of work, but yo will never hear obama or the pro-illegal alien crowd ever acknowledge those of us, incl yours truly, who are unemployed.

As for making the nation safer that doesn’t add up either. First of all the regime has just released another 3,700 “threat level 1” illegal aliens onto America’s streets. Second, ask anyone who is pro-illegal immigration how allowing a mother of 3, all under the 10, who has an 8th grade education how she will contribute to the nation economically or make it safer!? The majority of people coming across the border are not the best and brightest from their nation of origin. These people are severely uneducated, under skilled, seeking welfare at American taxpayers expense or even worse criminals. Their entrance into the US will actually make us weaker because law enforcement will be overwhelmed dealing with them.

One way or another obama is going to deliver legal status to illegal aliens and if anything establish the path for full citizenship for the next president to pass so illegals can inevitably vote. This will as warned by many, including most recently Ann Coulter, change the country’s political demographics leading to one party rule.

Don’t hold your breath for our do nothing Congress to do anything about it. The majority of them want illegals here too. Both parties want to use illegals to secure the reign of eternal power while red-blooded citizens are forgotten and treated like second class citizens.

What do we do? Nothing… the reset has to happen where maybe those who lead will do what is right.