Black Lives Matter Protesters Call For Violence If Anyone Dies in Police Custody

Here’s a thought how about people just follow the law and listen to the police? That way you don’t have to worry about being arrested and something happening to you in jail! If you’re in the right and police are wrong FINE fight it out in court, there are plenty of cop hating organizations who will represent you!

How about when people are confronted by the police under suspicion of crime or what have you they don’t fight cops?
How about people under suspicion stop acting like you’re reaching for a weapon or better yet don’t grab for the cops weapon!?
When a cop tells you to stop, you stop.
When a cop tells you to shut up and leave, you shut up leave.
When a cop tells you to put your hands up, you put your hands up.


If people would just keep a cool head and follow the law there wouldn’t be a need for these protests. Whether these protesters want to admit it or not all of their “saints” were doing something wrong! Most had committed a crime or were under suspicion of a crime, they resisted arrest and things escalated. YES there have been a few instances where cops have acted criminally. In those cases the cops have been dealt with quickly but that doesn’t justify these people calling for violence under the assumption if anything happens to them it was murder by cops.

Law enforcement you’re no angels in any of this either! Your actions and poor decision-making has only escalated things. Yes I’m blaming officers and leadership who know who the bad apples are and have done nothing to about it. You have only helped make matters worse. You seem to care more about being labeled a rat than upholding the oath you took!