Illegal Aliens Outnumber Unemployed Americans

First off let’s be clear the 9.6 million Americans unemployed are only those still on the books. This number does NOT factor in the 93 million who have left the workforce who have given up looking for a job. The two figures combined gives us well over 100 million Americans out of work. Now the 11 million plus (est closer to 20-30 million) illegals in the US are here as a result of the obama admin and progressives agenda to reshape US demographics and frankly create a new class of uneducated, uninformed, dependent, entitlement voters.

These detention centers illegal are being held at should not be resorts. The courts need to accelerate and streamline hearings to more or less send illegals back to their nation of origin. There is no reason for them to be here long-term, other nations like Mexico send illegal back almost immediately.

With so many Americans out of work it should be clear now why this regime and many in Congress and state govts are pandering to illegals. They can be easily controlled and convinced to keep the Washington cartel in power. US citizens have more or less been transformed into second class citizens and treated like an enemy. This govt has no intentions of doing anything to curb the volume of illegals invading the US. One party rule is the end goal and illegals are the gateway to that.