Dem Operative Blames Guns for the Disintegration of Black Communities

You would think since Richard Fowler is going on national tv he would at least be up to speed on current gun laws because he wants to blame guns for the problems among the black community. Like a typical progressive dem operative he thinks people are stupid and uninformed. The steps he is calling for to curb gun violence (background checks, low capacity magazines etc) are already in place. Fact is the gun control movement has gotten its way where many cities and states have extremely restrictive guns laws producing gun free zones (aka free killing zones) and disarming law-abiding Americans. To look in the camera and suggest guns are the problem in the black community is just absurd.

Thankfully we have well informed individuals like Allen West to set the record straight on how liberal progressive policies have failed in inner cities/ black communities. Restrictive gun laws have really done nothing to stop violence regardless of where they have been enacted. You see race hustlers and gun grabbers criminals couldn’t careless about the law, that’s why they’re criminals! You dolts might as well create laws commanding criminals to follow laws to see the futility of your crusade against peoples right to defend themselves. Guns have nothing to do with the disintegration of black communities, they have been made into scapegoats for liberal progressives whose policies are systematically destroying this country.