Press Sec Calls for ‘Common Sense’ Gun Reform Following Fatal VA Shooting

Like clockwork the left has been on full attack mode calling for more gun control after an angry gay black man gunned down two former colleagues in VA. Comrade Propaganda Minister Earnest told the press corp that it’s time for ‘common sense’ gun reform while under the same breath admits no piece of legislation will stop gun violence! There are no simple actions Congress can take to stop a madman/woman from killing people. What gun reform do the gun grabbers want other than complete and total disarmament?

Let’s be honest the gun control movement has gotten most of what they wanted, where it’s so bad in many cities and states the American people have been rendered defenseless. Gun grabbers wanted gun free zones, they got them and as a result the body count climbs higher and higher every year. Open carry and/ or obtaining a concealed permit have been outlawed or made next to impossible for many law-abiding Americans to acquire in many states.

There is no law, NO LAW that could have stopped this angry gay black man from murdering two journalists and wounding the woman they were interviewing. When an evil person wants to kill, they will find a device to do the deed, the Santa Barbara killer proved that.