Mark Levin Eviscerates Megyn Kelly & Fox News For Premeditated Attack At “Reality TV Show” Debate [Full Clip]

You have probably heard all the back and forth and criticisms over the poor handling of the Fox News GOP Debate. Up until now you’ve heard nothing that compares to Mark Levin, who spent the entire first hour of his show, eviscerating Megyn Kelly and Fox News.

Levin methodically and calmly took the network and Kelly apart over their “unseriousness” and “disrespectfulness” handling of a debate that is about the American people NOT THEM! The Great One had no problem with the very first question asked to Trump by Bret Baier, who he cited as the only real journalist. When it came to the one in the center chair, well he had choice words for her!

Being an attorney one would expect Kelly to have done her due diligence before attacking Trump. Levin first lets us hear an attack on Trump and his family from Rosie O’Donnell on The View to understand why Trump had choice words for her. He then played audio from Celebrity Apprentice, because he had to since NO ONE ELSE WOULD to set the record straight, showing Trumps words towards Brandy Roderick were not offensive. Keep in mind Kelly/Fox had to go back to a season 6 episode of The Apprentice and take what he said OUT OF CONTEXT for this premeditated attack. Roderick is then heard expressing she had no problem with the exchange yet Kelly would have you believe an inappropriate sexual innuendo was expressed by Trump.

While you listen to this understand the tactic Kelly/ Fox used should sound familiar. Why? It’s a tactic we have heard others point out used by Karl Rove during past elections to destroy candidates who challenged those he backed! Why Levin did not point this out is puzzling, but make no mistake about it, this premeditated/planned attack on Trump had Rove written all over it. As far as the selective questioning and/or ignoring true conservative candidates, like Ted Cruz and Dr Ben Carson, that too more than likely had a Rove signature on it.

Why this all matters with Trump and Levin destroying Kelly/ Fox is because the establishment GOP is being exposed. People you think are neutral are showing their true colors now. Recently on Twitter I used a quote from Yoda and it’s dead-on to what is going on right now:

The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen.

The establishment GOP aka progressive GOP (Dark Side) are showing themselves now. We see it playing out in Congress as those SOB’s begged the American people to give them the majority because they would stop obamacare, amnesty, out of control spending and obama’s abuse of power. They have done nothing but continue the progressive agenda enriching and empowering themselves while enslaving the American people.

Now that there are  true conservative candidates running for President the est GOP is threatened. You see now that progressives control the House and Senate they complain that they can’t get anything truly done until they have the White House. Well a Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or Dr Ben Carson administration won’t be going along with the progressive agenda BUT a Chris Christie, John Kasich or Jeb Bush will!

So that is what this is all about. Progressives are protecting their candidates and securing their power. If that means Fox has to do cheap hatchet jobs, ambush candidates with material out of context to destroy or silence them they will do it!

Is Megyn Kelly a progressive? No one knows for sure but she’s clearly lost major credibility. The media like Congress cannot be trusted. We are on our own to get the truth out, so please share this clip.