Trump Fires Another Salvo at Megyn Kelly: ‘Blood Coming Out of Her Eyes, Blood Coming Out of Her… Wherever’

Well the battle between Fox News and Donald Trump continues after the first GOP Debate in Cleveland OH. Many on the right, not necessarily Trump fans, are calling foul on Fox, Chris Wallace and especially Megyn Kelly for launching an attack at the frontrunner while practically ignoring other conservative candidates like Ted Cruz and Ben Carson.

Earlier in the day Trump took shots at Fox and Kelly for the treatment he received tweeting out:

But it didn’t end there! Appearing by phone, with CNN’s Don Lemon, Trump continued to go after his critics including Megyn Kelly more or less suggesting the attack was a result of PMS, which has upset a lot of people. The comment,“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.”, has made RedState’s Eric Erickson rescind an invite to Trump to appear at RedState Gathering. The reasoning behind this move has been well received by the establishment GOP but let’s be honest Kelly doesn’t need anyone fighting her battles!

Frankly, true conservatives should enjoy this fight between Trump and the est GOP. Many welcome his blunt speech and yes arrogance, because we have far too many weak individuals leading this country and/or submitting to political correctness. One thing Trump has done is put bright light on many closet est GOP’rs, so the longer he is in the game the better. Let’s make something clear many on the right want him in solely to rattle the establishments cage, making them talk and do things they normally wouldn’t do. Conservatives are well aware of how much of a loose cannon he is and what party his allegiance is to. If his presence in this race can once and for all bring the establishment GOP/political class down then so be it!

Just think folks it’s only August 2015 we have over a year to go until November 2016! This is going to be one epic campaign season and election!