Black Lives Matters Protesters Shut Down Sanders Rally Calling White Progressives Racists

Hey democrats are you happy now? This is what you wanted amping up and pandering to radical groups. These Black Lives Matters protesters, who are also a spin-off of Occupy, (both by your creation) are nothing but by definition domestic terrorists and now they are turning on you! Watch the beginning of the video again listening to the threats, demands… thuggery and intimidation. This is what dem operatives & community organizers taught these radicals to do to republicans and conservatives, now the same tactics are being used against them!

Why do we care about a socialist’s rally being infiltrated? Allowing these domestic terrorists to take over like this has set precedent, where people (left & right) are now going to have to be on guard when holding events. As usual the radical left is always creating trouble and chaos making life difficult for everyone.

The only racists present at this Sanders event are the racist BLM protesters! You can hear Sander’s supporters livid after being called racists. Even after the interruption, insults and threats of their event being shut down these dems/ socialists comply allowing these domestic terrorists to take over. You dems/ socialists are getting what you deserve.

BTW nice job on security! Some advice for those holding rallies, left or right, the next time you’re infiltrated by radicals pull the plug on the amps you idiots!

FYI Mike Brown was a criminal who was rightfully put down for assaulting and attacking a police officer who rightfully defended himself.