Mark Levin: Iran Nuclear Deal Sows the Seeds of War, Blood Will Be on Hands of Dem Party

Mark Levin End the Iran Deal

Out of the dozen of so speakers, at the End the Iran Deal Rally in DC, Mark Levin, as expected, gave a rousing speech generating cheers and boos towards the SOB’s in the Capitol surrendering their power to obama. Levin like all the speakers made it clear the danger this nation is facing if a select few in Congress allow obamas nuke deal to pass with no chance of a veto-override.

The 42± dem senators backing this nuke deal are selling out this country and our allies. To be clear the republicans, who are just standing idly by, are just as responsible and spineless as the Great One pointed out. These do-nothing political hacks will be responsible for the blood that will be spilled in the future. It is pure insanity to permit the iranians, a death cult, to have access to $150 billion which they will use to fund terrorism and either simply buy or develop nuclear weapons.

Mark your calendars America, this is the time when this nation took a horrible turn to the dark side aiding our mortal enemies.