Sheriff David Clarke: Obama is ‘One-Man Wrecking Crew’ Who Has ‘Declared War on the Police’

“Look President Barack Obama has been a one-man wrecking crew as it relates to safe communities. He’s declared war on the police, he’s dismantled effective law-enforcement with his 21st century task force of emphasizing de-escalation and he also has taken the side of the criminal with this inane idea of prison reform. He’s been a criminal perpetrators dream and a nightmare for the American police officer.”

How many shootings have there been against police officers? How many times has obama made a speech against said acts of violence? Now ask yourself how many times obama spoke out when actual criminals died at the hands of police? We all know the answers to these questions and they should be alarming to everyone as obama’s actions prove he is on the side of the criminal element!

Whether dems want to admit it or not this country has gotten more violent over the last 6.5 years since king obama came to power. Don’t forget one of his first public speeches was to criticize and attack the Cambridge, MA police over how “stupidly” they acted with Prof Gates.

Criminals have been emboldened by obama’s war on police and as the Sheriff explains obama’s pandering to criminals. It will only get worse as the clock winds down to the end of his second term where we should expect the streets of America, especially inner cities, to turn into war zones. With the economy in the toilet, jobs remaining scarce tensions continue to rise, while obama pours gasoline on the fire.

Fundamental transformation is close to completion. All he needs is an event to grab more power and what better way to do that than create chaos between the people and law enforcement where eventually people will demand “something has to be done anything”. And then with the stroke of his magic pen, obama will federalize the police. His entire administration has been about taking power from the people and growing govt. A true federal police state would be the cherry on top of this guys plans to turn the US into a full-fledged tyrannical govt.