These 41 Democrat Senators Support Obama Arming Iran With Nuclear Weapons

These 41 democrat senators are fools to support the iranian nuclear deal, believing it is the only option we have.

41 Dem Senators Giving Iran Nukes

Many democrats are simply going to vote within party lines because party comes before principle, others clearly have no souls. For the record the sanctions were working, they got the death cult to the negotiating table!

These men and women in the Senate have chosen to arm a nation whose supreme leader routinely chants with his people “Death to America”. These 41 democrat senators side with radical islamists who believe the sooner they bring on the apocalypse the sooner their messiah/ Mahdi will return. IT DOES NOT MATTER if Congress or you believes this or not, the iranians do and will act on it! The iranians will not honor any part of this agreement to begin with since it is in their doctrine (called taqiyya under sharia law) to lie if it suits them!

This deal must be stopped! Get to DC if you can, melt the phones, crash the email servers do whatever you have to to put fear in your elected leaders to stop this insanity!

This call to arms is most likely never to be heard. Where are you America? There are no videos going viral of these senators being confronted by you, their constituents, to stop this madness of arming the iranians with nukes. One rally is planned for Sep 9th, other than that where are the marches and sit-ins? With the 9/11 anniversary just a few days away one would think the American people would see the threat on the horizon. As feared the American people have forgotten about the ongoing threat to this nation, too busy with work, school the kids and house. The nation… the worlds security isn’t enough to get people in the streets to protest then who knows what it will take to wake this country up. Maybe… MAYBE when a city is glowing for the next 5000 years people will finally come out of this self-induced coma?