Judge Pirro Schools Obama For Allowing Putin to Become Superpower

Judge Pirro schooled obama for showing no backbone with Russia’s Putin’s aggression in Syria. By taking military action in Syria the uninformed around the world interprets Russia as a the new leader in troubling times. But the real reason Putin is in Syria is to protect oil lines as Russia’s economy is suffering from low oil prices. This of course sets a dangerous precedent because their intentions and friends they keep are not for good in the long term. Pirro points this out by saying

“…there is a new world order that’s being created: Iran, Russia Syria and Iraq. A Shiite presence that we are incapable of fighting or understanding.”

(tinfoil hat conspiracists are going to have a field day with that statement)

Russia has allied with nations who more or less hate the US and our allies (esp Israel). What kind of world will this be where the “bad guys” will be the leaders? Are China, Russia, Iran etc nations capable of leading the world to peace and prosperity? NO! The last time there was an alliance between leaders like this a major war followed. Pirro didn’t say it and it may be a reach but IMO we are witnessing the seeds of WWIII being planted and we have barack benito milhous hussein obama to thank for it. He has taken a backseat to the bullies of the world time after time.

Obama is just about done fundamentally transforming America. We have lost our superpower status and by taking a step back with Russia he has allowed them to become the new superpower. We are no longer the economic juggernaut we once were. The US is no longer respected, looked on for guidance or leadership. Our allies don’t trust us and the American people clearly do not trust the govt. We’re on our way to third world nation status with Putin and his new friends taking our place which will leave the world in a very dangerous state.