Gabby Giffords Husband, Mark Kelly: If Everyone is Allowed to Carry Gun They’ll Think They’re Clint Eastwood

This jackass (yea I said it) needs to be quiet and just worry about his science project with his brother floating in space. Just because Kelly served in the military and his wife, fmr Rep Gabrielle Giffords, was the target for assassination doesn’t mean he is now an expert on gun laws and policy. To trivialize Americans right to carry a weapon in public for self-defense equating us to wanna-be Clint Eastwood (assume he meant Dirty Harry) is insulting. Gun owners “know the score” and take the responsibility of carrying (concealed) a weapon in very seriously.

For the record a mass killing in 2012 at the Clackamas Mall in Oregon was thwarted not because the gunmen did what he accomplished and was time to end his life. The gunmen saw a good guy, Nick Meli, with a gun and knew his chance to create havoc was over, thus the killers suicide. As for Meli, the good guy with a gun, and relevance to this post, he DID NOT take the shot at the mass killer because he was concerned that if he missed the killer the round may hit an innocent person behind him!

That is the level of care, alertness and responsibility law-abiding gun owners possess when they take a weapon (concealed) out. Gun owners have NO desire to recreate a shoot out in streets of San Francisco as Inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan Mr Kelly!

Kelly cited other issues too in this clip are just as annoying that I have no patience for. These attacks by progressives on our gun rights with outlandish claims has to end. This is serious and there is NO LAW that will stop a crazy person from killing. One would think after the Santa Barbara massacre people would have figured that out, but apparently a psycho killing with a gun, knife and his car just doesn’t register with the gun grabbers. One thing is for sure many who have guns, private armed security, high walls/fences and security systems around their homes all need to shut the hell up until they give that all up! Bill O’Reilly said it best that applies to everyone, ‘I have right to protect myself’