Luby’s Massacre Survivor Rips Clinton for Praising Australian Gun Confiscation

Luby’s massacre survivor Suzanna Gratia Hupp appeared on the Kelly File to respond to Hillary Clinton praising Australia’s “gun buyback” program, which was PC way to call gun confiscation.

Hupp did her best to contain her anger calling for Clinton to lead by example,
“I think she should disarm her entire security detail and that of her children. You know… let’s see what that looks like a year from now, let’s see how well that works out.”

The American people are growing tired of these gun grabbers seeking to take away our rights because of the actions of a few. They think the smart thing to do is pass more laws knowing criminal s do not follow the law! People need to stand up to the elites demanding they disarm/ dismiss their private armed security before the dictate how we all should live. And that also goes for getting rid of the high walls and fences, and hi-tech security systems they have around their home(s). Like Hupp points out what makes elites like Clinton better than any of us that they can be armed or have armed security but we can’t!?

Until the day comes when they disarm the discussion on our right to self protection is over!