ISIS Warned the World They Would Hit Paris… AND All of Europe & America

No one should be surprised by the Paris attack on 11/13/2015. Why? Because ISIS, who has taken responsibility for this attack, warned the world they would attack. When they release their propaganda films people need to start paying attention rather than dismissing them, calling them lunatics, because they mean what they say or does the body count not register with people yet?

When exactly are people, especially those in power going to take what these ISIS monsters say seriously? The videos they make are not for entertainment purposes they are issuing a warning and making their intentions clear. You can dismiss them all you want calling them every name in the book but understand they believe in their cause and every reason they give to justify killing everyone without mercy.

This next clip will PO a lot of people but chalk up another one for Glenn Beck. He said this was coming and warned that the Cathedral at Notre Dame (it was the center of Christianity before the Vatican) would be the main target…

What you have to understand is these jihadists are undoing history (Sykes-Picot & Crusades) and the “wrongs” Christianity/infidels have “committed” against them, islam and the prophet. ISIS burning churches down, exterminating Christians and spreading throughout Europe is all by design. Islamists have a strategy unlike the US and our allies, it’s all from that book, “the only book they ever read, they read it all the time, they never stop. They’re there for one reason and one reason only: to die for the caliphate and usher in a world without infidels…” in preparation for “end times”.

Jihadists (ISIS’) end goal is an apocalypse to hasten the return of the Mahdi (islamic messiah), which is the same end goal as the Iranian Twelvers (Twelfth imam). What we are seeing in France is just the tip of the iceberg as they also promised to take Jerusalem, Rome and Andalusia(which once was under Moor control; other two for obvious reasons)…

When these monsters say they are going to attack take it seriously. On that note these claims by the MSM that “there are no credible specific threats against the US” is load of bullshit. Watch the vids above again or the others all over the web where ISIS is TELLING YOU what they are planning. No one knew Paris would get hit yesterday but it did, because IS followed through on the threats they made, which means London, DC, Rome etc could all be hit today, tomorrow, 2 weeks/months/years from now. The credible threats are these vids, don’t wait for the crap media to report on whether intelligence agencies crack some message board or intercept a call at the last minute or after the fact. We live in extremely dangerous times and for any media agency to suggest “no worries” is beyond irresponsible.

Americans you again have been threatened in this new video after the Paris attack, so consider this your “credible specific threat”…

America and our friends around the world you have been warned. Go about your business, live your life but stay alert, know exit points have a plan should SHTF!

Now for those of you in power dismissing all these warnings you have blood on your hands. The world body said “never again” after World War II but here we are again repeating history. Granted pres obama is too much of a pacifist (really an islamist) to lead and lay waste to these islamonazis but he has shown he is a follower. French Pres Hollande’s rhetoric, calling this attack “an act of war”, sounds like he wants to see these monsters wiped off the face of the Earth, maybe he can muster up other leaders to bomb these 7th century barbarians back to the stone age since pres mom jeans doesn’t have the balls to do it? If someone doesn’t take the lead and truly bring the fight to these monsters you can be sure these cities (but not limited to) London, Rome, Jerusalem and Washington DC will meet the same fate as Paris.